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Dried Apple

Dried Apple from Iran Packing 0.5 kg , 1 kg

Dried oranges

Dried Orange Packing 0.5 kg , 1 kg

Dried Persimmon

Dried Persimmon Packing 0.5 kg , 1 kg

Dried Red Oranges

Dried Red Orange Packing 0.5 kg , 1 kg

Dried Strawberry

Dried Strawberry Packing 0.5 kg , 1 kg

Kalouteh Date

Kaliteh or Kalouteh is a wet kind of Iranian dates. Raw shape of this date is red and it looks like Mazafati. It ready to use on September and Its large size fruit. Kaliteh has good internal and international market. the color of this dates is between Dark-brown and light-brown. this dates is in semi-dry category

Mazafati Date

Mazafati date appointed date Bam is one of the most famous and different kinds of Iranian date fruit which is usually used as Rutab (fresh). This kind of date because of having high moisture is not used as nuts . The date can be considered as the most delicious kind of date fruits in the world. Rozenta provides Mazafati date in different packing 600g, 200g. Customized packing is possible.

Sayer Dates

Sayer is the most abundant date species which accounts for 65% of Iranian dates. Around 40% of Iranian dates for export is Sayer dates and it is one of the most important export figures. The shape is slightly elongated, oval and typically dark brown colored and its cross section is yellow. An average weight of fruit is 8.3 grams and kernel weight is 0.9 grams. Sayer Date is the principal kind of date fruit in Khuzestan province (70-80% of palms in Khuzestan province are Sayer dates). Sayer dates is known internationally in many countries particularly in Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Rozentafood as one of the biggest wholesalers and exporters of Sayer date in Iran, has regular shipments to these target countries in bulk packing with dry containers. We can customize packing according to customer's requirement.